Nada Sehnaoui
by Nada Sehnaoui
Beirut Central-District
July 2003


Do you or somebody you know have a memory of daily life in downtown Beirut before the 1975 war?
Do you wish to share this memory with the public? If yes, write a text recalling this memory.
Use a white page or more, in the language of your choice, handwritten or typed, signed or anonymous and send it to ATAZAKAR.

The deadline to submit your work is June 30, 2003

During July 2003, all your texts will be exhibited in an installation in downtown Beirut by visual artist, Nada Sehnaoui.

This event is organized by Amal Traboulsi, Galerie Epreuve d'Artiste.


        read the text from Farid Andraos